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Interventional Pain Center is an interventional pain management practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is a division of Providence Anesthesiology Associates, a renowned and elite anesthesiology organization with more than 90 physicians across North Carolina.

Interventional pain management is a subspecialty of pain medicine that uses noninvasive and minimally invasive techniques and procedures to help diminish or interrupt the neurological signals that cause everyone to feel pain, and that cause some people to feel pain chronically. Standard surgical procedures can all too often exacerbate the exact pain that they’re intended to alleviate. Interventional pain management can help correct such surgical complications, but it can also eliminate the need for surgery in the first place.

In order to combat what can frequently be debilitating and unrelenting pain, the licensed pain management specialists at Interventional Pain Center employ a comprehensive approach to pain treatment, which involves accurately diagnosing and identifying the pain sources and triggers and creating an effective treatment plan to reduce pain frequency and severity.

As leaders in the field of pain management, the renowned team of physician anesthesiologists at Interventional Pain Center is equipped to handle a wide range of pain problems, such as chronic neck, back, knee, and hip pain, as well as herniated discs, sciatica, and complex regional pain syndrome. They offer the most effective, up-to-date, and minimally invasive treatments, such as Coolief®, spinal cord stimulators, and ketamine infusions.

At Interventional Pain Center, the focus is on patient well-being. That extends to everything from treatment philosophy to office location. Interventional Pain Center is conveniently located in central Charlotte near many major hospitals, and the practice accepts all major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, to ensure that high-quality care is delivered to all its patients whenever they need it.

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